The classic designs by famous Bauhauslers such as Walter Gropius, Wilhelm Wagenfeld and Ferdinand Kramer, as well as templates by Art Deco designers, require a true-to-original, detail-conscious implementation based on today's state of the art. TECNOLINE manufactures the original Gropius, Wagenfeld and Kramer fittings. Of course, our range also offers many other well-known designs, such as from Ludwig Wittgenstein and Dieter Rams to the modern style of Hadi Teherani and Jürgen Ringel.

The TECNOLINE manufactory fittings for doors, windows and furniture are manufactured in Germany using traditional methods and assembled to order by our employees in the Bremen plant. Only through on-site production in Germany can we guarantee the technically high-quality implementation of the original designs and meet our own quality standards.

We offer you the opportunity to design fittings individually according to your taste - and not just with regard to the choice of colour: our modular system makes it possible to combine all parts of the same basic material (cast brass or stainless steel). You have the choice between various materials, surfaces and accessories.

In our range you will only find original designs by the most important designers. But the perfect design of a door handle is not enough for us. In addition to ideal form and function, uncompromisingly perfect and sustainable production is important to us.

Made in Germany

In Germany, this means quality work that is hand-cast and carried through to the last screw. Because we want to guarantee that the door handle in your house will be handed down for generations.

The perfect raw material for TECNOLINE door handles is brass MS63, a proven copper-zinc alloy that is brought to the boil at 1400° Celsius in a gas-fired casting furnace.

After the raw parts have cooled down, countless other manual work steps are necessary. This is the only way to achieve Tecnoline quality and create a durable, perfect handle.

The Tecnoline door handles are sanded by hand and then brushed or polished - the optimal preparation for a flawless and resistant surface.

Only the perfect parts get their final refinement in the galvanic bath. Individually attached by hand, they are immersed in the nickel or chrome baths.

Numerous intermediate checks allow everything that isn't perfect to go back into the casting furnace. Our claims do not allow any defects.

The individual parts go through more than twenty work steps before they are assembled into a door fitting. To then lie in your hand as a noble individual piece.